What our Customers say...


Mike, Billy, and Chad were a pleasure to work with.  The ladies were great in packing up all our stuff.

Zach and Kyle were very knowledgeable and professional.  I commend them for their good service during our time of duress.

Kay, Cassandra and Lauren were extra professional.  I was pleased with everything.  It was a long 7 months but it has been worth it.  Thank you!

You are amazing!  Thank you so much!

They were so courteous, thorough and hard working.  They explained the process step by step and we were extremely impressed by their dedication and work ethic! Very refreshing to see young men that you can trust to come into your home and provide the service that these guys did.  We had to wait our turn to get help due to the overwhelming storm calls they were getting, but it was worth the wait for such excellent service!

We were very satisfied with our service.  They exceeded our expectations.

Barry and Anthony did a great job.  They accomplished a rather large task in a short time and left the kitchen in somewhat usable condition during the drying process.  They were receptive to my requests and left the completed job ready for the rebuilding contractor.  They have a great ethic and positive attitude.

Speedy service and great customer service as always!

The crew that responded to my needs were very courteous and knowledgeable.  I would recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Very professional guys that came out.  They answered all the questions and concerns we had.  We loved that they were here on time, every time!  Wonderful service!

Kay and Blanca were so competent and helpful.  I couldn't have gotten through this fire without them.  They handled the job professionally and timely.  They were very reassuring that they had this handled and that everything would be ok.  They were excellent and I could not have asked for better service in any way.

Great company, very fast getting here!

I really appreciate your crews.  They are very precise and detailed with their cleaning methods and I really love their spirit.  They were very pleasant and I felt comfortable with them in my home.

The crew that was sent out was very professional and did a great job.

I can't think of anything to improve upon the wonderful service we received.  Timing was critical on this job and they came through!

We were happy to have such prompt service.  I will give a recommendation to my friends.

I don’t have any recommendations! Every single person I worked with was excellent. Someone was always in contact with me and the gentlemen working in our basement were efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I will highly recommend your company to friends and family.  Thank you for making this process so much easier.

Great job, thank you so much!

Barry and his team did a great job.  They were very responsive, on time and personable.   Their professionalism and knowledge helped ease any concerns I had.

Excellent job, thank you!

They did a great job!

All hard workers.  Very pleased with the work the crew did.

Staff was extremely helpful in a tough situation. Very knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  Thanks for the help.